Hi. My name is Melih Merdan. I am a food engineer (METU-B.Sc.) and create /check your food & cosmetic labels in accordance with EU & German laws and regulations:


  • 17 years market experience 
  • thousands of new/revised label and new products development works
  • hundreds of solved cases about official complaints
  • communication in 3 languages (german, englisch,turkish)




  • Food & cosmetic labels in 6 languages ​​(German, English, French, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish) in acc. with the EU and German food regulations
  • All the necessary works about official complaints from the authorities 
  • Product development (own brand or PL): Check whether the use of raw materials or ingredients is permitted at all and/or which limits are allowed (acc. to the German and EU additive regulations)
  • Creating cosmetic labels in acc. with the EU Cosmetics Regulation
  • Laboratory / Analysis works: Technical advice and communication support for companies who want to have their products physically, chemically or microbiologically analysed  in a laboratory (from sample preparation to the evaluation of the test results)
  • Registration of cosmetic products by CPNP (notification)
  • Creating BARCODES (GTIN / EAN) and/or Registration with the company GS1.
  • LUCID registration in acc. with the current German packaging laws
  • Creating the nutritional table acc. to the Food Information Law (LMIV) incl. calculation of energy
  • Allergy declaration
  • Mediation, implementation of correspondence and process management in laboratories in Germany or in Europe
  • Advice on consumer complaints and product recalls in acc. with legal requirements
  • Assistance with audits and certifications related to food regulations
  • Arrangement of a graphic designer   




Tel: +49 (0) 176 55 668678